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AMA CPT® Standard Edition 2015 Softbound

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AMA CPT® Standard Edition 2015

The official CPT Coding book published by the American Medical Association (standard edition)

Providers want accurate reimbursement. Payers want efficient claims processing.
But with the CPT® code set being a dynamic, ever-changing necessity, an outdated codebook doesn’t make your jobs easier.
Given the nonstop changes in CPT it is important to have the latest edition at all times.
The CPT book helps with correct billing and coding of medical procedures and services.


Improve your ability to assign Lab procedures
Illustrations’ for procedures and anatomical references
The table of contents lets user search sectional CPT contents quickly
Helps in locating codes related to specific analyte Pathology codes
The table of contents allows the user to search the contents quickly,
Book also includes a sectional table of contents.
Lets user’s reference 2015 changes quickly without having to search earlier editions
Quick reference additional appendixes clinical examples, modifiers and add-on codes
The standard edition lacks the color coding, the coding tips and the spiral binding that the Professional edition is known for.