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Coders’ Desk Reference for HCPCS Level II 2016



Coders’ Desk Reference for HCPCS Level II 2016

Coders at all experience levels will have questions when 2016 HCPCS code changes go into effect—and the Coders’ Desk Reference for HCPCS Level II is the book to keep at your side to find the answers you need.
With our one-of-a-kind, comprehensive resource on all the codes for2016, you can reduce coding errors and improve coding confidence by referencing more than 2,000 HCPCS code lay descriptions, answers to frequently asked questions, and other helpful guidance before assigning a code.


Key Features and Benefits
• Over 3,000 HCPCS Level II codes and 2,000 lay descriptions. Gain a clear understanding of the clinical definitions for thousands of alphanumerical codes for supplies and services to improve coding accuracy.
• Modifier definitions, diagnosis code suggestions, and usage rules. Choose the appropriate modifiers and HCPCS Level II codes with a thorough list of modifiers, accompanied with narrative explanations of each.
• Coding and billing instructions. Reduce research time and improve coding accuracy with tips on the quickest methods to bill and code HCPCS Level II codes.
• Additional chapters for documentation, durable medical equipment (DME), fraud and abuse, compliance, and HIPAA. Prevent the risk of audits and fines by clearly understanding the regulatory requirements that affect HCPCS Level II coding.


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