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FeeAnalyzer.com Standard

FeeAnalyzer.com is an online subscription service that provides access to relative and actual physician charge data for a specific geographic area and specialty. These are the fees the competition is charging. The data is updated quarterly and e-mail alerts will be sent to the subscriber when the most recent reports and fees have been refreshed. This powerful data source makes it easier for physicians to set defensible fees while maximizing revenues.

Key Features and Benefits
• Built-in fee calculator for quick calculations. No more switching back and forth to spreadsheets and other tools.
• Begin reviewing your fee schedule earlier in the year. No more waiting for your hard-copy book; access up-to-date data with updates available throughout the year.
• Simplify your fee schedule analysis. Organize charge data and the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule into your customized spreadsheet reports or print a hard copy.
• Increase your confidence in setting your fee schedule. Our database of 600 million charge transactions that include five percentiles of charge data assure accuracy.
• Easily access actual charge data for specific specialties for a given area. Provided by specialty or for All CPT® Codes.
• Reference the 50th, 60th, 75th, 80th and 95th percentiles of charge data in your area and specialty to see where your charges fall relative to your peers. Customer can access a full range of charges. Multiple percentiles facilitate more accurate adjustment of charges. Plus, you can purchase multiple geozips.
• Fine-tune your fee schedule. Access regular updates.
CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.