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ICD-10-CM Coder Trainer Manual 2015

Out of Print - 2016 version will be available 9/15/15


ICD-10-CM Coder Trainer Manual 2015


Experienced ICD-9-CM coders trained by AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM trainers can use the ICD-10-CM Coder Training Manual to build their knowledge of ICD-10-CM. In addition to a textual adaptation of AHIMA’s ICD-10-CM Overview: Deciphering the Code, an AHIMA distance education course that is a prerequisite to AHIMA’s ICD-10 Academies, this manual contains references to and explanations of ICD-10-CM coding guidelines and conventions. It provides ICD-10-CM coding exercises at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. These exercises emphasize all aspects of the coding classification system to allow students to apply their knowledge of coding principles and definitions. Answers are also provided.

Key Features

Overview of ICD-10-CM, with review questions, that establishes base of understanding from which to build knowledge and skill
Beginning, intermediate, and advanced coding exercises in ICD-10-CM for inpatient and outpatient cases
Case scenarios by chapter, including site-specific cases (long-term care, home health, physician practice, hospital inpatient, hospital outpatient)
Detailed, complex ICD-10-CM case studies and scenarios from health records