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Uniform Claim Editor for Professional Services (eBook)

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Uniform Claim Editor for Professional Services (eBook)

As publishers of the “industry bible” for facility billing---the Uniform Billing Editor---our customers have asked us for a similar comprehensive manual that is focused on professional billing. Accordingly, we are proud to announce the Uniform Claim Editor for Professional Services, the most detailed resource for claim submission on the CMS-1500 form.

Physician practices and hospital billing departments are now shouldering even greater responsibility for the financial health of their organizations due to consolidations, staffing shortages and constant regulatory changes. Accurate claim submission is the foundation for revenue protection and regulatory compliance.

Physician and non-physician practitioner practices can use this reference tool every day to keep track of the ongoing changes to the Medicare billing and reimbursement process. The Uniform Claim Editor for Professional Services provides detailed, accurate and timely information about CMS1500 billing issues.

Key Features and Benefits
• Brings together vital intelligence about physician billing from multiple industry sources—Medicare, NUCC, and the AMA. Get expert guidance on implementing new rules and requirements from these billing authorities.
• Quickly locate topics based on item numbers, key words and original source documents. This easy-to-use manual is fully indexed and tabbed with icons for quick reference.
• Comply with new billing form requirements in effect October 2013.
• Crosswalk to 837 professional claims. Provides links to 837p 5010 data elements and any applicable billing rules—facilitating easier transition to the 837p.
• Includes 5010 standards and provides detailed, accurate, and timely information about Medicare billing and reimbursement.
• Timely updates throughout the year. Stay current with official changes to help you eliminate billing with outdated information.
• Answers your questions about difficult billing issues---Easy-to-follow, organized and intuitively arranged, this manual quickly brings users to the solutions for challenging revenue cycle questions.