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Clinical Documentation Improvement Desk Reference for ICD-10-CM & Procedure Coding 2017



Clinical Documentation Improvement Desk Reference for ICD-10-CM and Procedure Coding 2017


Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is not about how to code in ICD-10 or CPT®. CDI is knowing what to look for in medical records, as well as how to ask for clarification and get ongoing changes to the notes and comments provided by physicians. 


  • Covers documentation for CPT® and HCPCS coding, and ICD-10-CM. Enhance your code selections with documentation requirements for all three coding systems.
  • Includes the unique "ICD-9 to ICD-10 Mapping" tables that maps clinical terms.  An exclusive documentation resource that maps ICD-9-CM clinical terminology to the associated ICD-10-CM terms to speed finding the correct code.
  • Teach clinicians with the "Clinician's Checklist for ICD-10-CM."  Make copies of this handy tri-fold, pocketsize card for every clinician.  Provides powerful documentation tips for the 5 most important chronic and acute conditions.
  • Physician Documentation Training. Show physicians what they need to document. Includes 21 detailed documentation checklists for the most common and complex medical conditions.
  • Don't teach your clinicians to code ICD-10-CM.  Instead show them what you need for optimal code assignment.
  • See key terms. Confirm accurate code selection for every chapter of ICD-10-CM.
  • Know when ICD-10-CM differs dramatically from ICD-9-CM.  Alerts and warnings in the text of this book call your attention to situations where ICD-10-CM coding protocols are different from ICD-9-CM and significantly affect code choices.
  • Streamline the query process. Show physicians which medical terms are essential to assigning codes in ICD-10-CM.  Includes best practice query forms that get results without unduly influencing clinicians. 

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