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Complete Guide to Medicare Coverage Issues Ebook

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Complete Guide to Medicare Coverage Issues eBook

Easy-to-use and well-organized, the Complete Guide to Medicare Coverage Issues eBook makes it easy for facilities and physicians to determine the coverage status of a service under national Medicare guidelines and to improve management of denials. This updateable resource follows a simple layout to guide you through the extensive changes Medicare has made to its coverage manual and process for communicating coverage issues.

Key Features and Benefits

Icons highlight status of national coverage determination (NCD) policies. Know the coverage status of each item or procedure and minimize denials.

Fully indexed and organized with crosswalks between the Internet-only Manuals (IOMs) and print manuals. Quickly and easily locate the item or service you are looking for with both crosswalks manuals and an alphabetic index.

Regular updates in April, July, November

Save time and minimize billing errors by staying up-to-date with all new national Medicare coverage policies and revisions to existing policies.