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Evaluation and Management Coding Advisor



Evaluation and Management Coding Advisor 2016

Evaluation and Management (E/M) coding is notoriously difficult.Consequently, providers make more mistakes with E/M coding than coding for any other item or service. This new resource offers detailed and advanced guidance on selecting the appropriate E/M codes, with helpful resources designed for difficult E/M coding situations.
Now, with ICD-10-CM implementation approaching, your E/M coding takes on even greater importance and we've have provided extensive coverage to this vital E/M and ICD-10-CM relationship.

Key Features and Benefits
• ICD-10-CM code assignment hinges on the quality and detail of E/M encounter data. Get appropriate ICD-10-CM coding assignments with improved E/M coding process. Minimize physician queries, and prevent delays in claims processing pending information and stop outright claims denials.
• Includes clinical case studies. Train coders and clinicians using real-life scenarios.
• Covers every E/M service. Review of the E/M rules and protocols for all E/M care.
• Helpful advice designed for difficult E/M coding situations. Well-patient exams, H1N1 flu, and other common, but problematic coding scenarios are explained.
• E/M template examples for EMRs. Ensure accurate code selection and avoid over-coding with guidelines for using templates.
• Includes Knowledge Assessments. With answers and rationale. Instant feedback on knowledge retention.
• Targeted areas. Review what auditors are targeting, such as critical care.
• Documentation guidance. Review key factors for proper E/M code selection, plus advice to help clinicians make an objective review of subjective information.

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