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Guide to Clinical Validation, Documentation and Coding 2017



Guide to Clinical Validation, Documentation and Coding 2017

For decades, coders have sought a concise, reliable and easy-to-follow tool for those problematic diagnoses and inpatient procedures that are most often questioned by payers. Now there is a unique new resource that provides the clinical criteria necessary for code assignment. 

Key Features and Benefits 


  • Covers 50 of the most challenging inpatient medical diagnoses and procedures
  • Provides detailed clinical criteria and physician documentation requirements needed to justify code assignments
  • Helps craft physician queries that address fine distinctions in a patient's medical condition and ensure appropriate reimbursement.
  • Provides a detailed clinical description of problematic diagnoses or procedures --from a coder's perspective--plus the clinical criteria that support code assignment.
  • Assists coders in determining what clinical elements are necessary for initial diagnosis code assignment, when it should be coded as a complication and when the condition should be coded as an additional diagnosis.
  • Identifies other terminology that would qualify for the ICD-10-PCS specific root operation term.



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