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HCPCS Level II Expert — 2019 (Spiral)



2019 HCPCS Level II

Accurately report supplies and services for physician, hospital outpatient, and ASC settings with the 2019
HCPCS Level II Expert. Use this comprehensive reference for the HCPCS code set that focuses on
management of reimbursement. This user-friendly book will guide any coder confidently through current
modifiers, code changes, additions and deletions with information as dictated by the Centers for Medicare
and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Key Features and Benefits
Exclusive to the Expert edition:
• Most complete HCPCS code set available. Find information on codes from sources that generate
HCPCS codes, including CMS, OPPS addendum B, and the Medicare fee schedule.
• Table of Drugs. Locate both generic and brand-name drugs and their corresponding codes based on
the amount and route of administration.
• Glossary of terms. Increase your understanding of HCPCS codes to improve coding accuracy.
• Access to Medically Unlikely Edits (MUE). Improve accuracy of claims by ensuring compliance with
the CMS program through easy access to codes and their associated MUE units.
• Special appendixes. Get additional information, such as the deleted codes crosswalk.
• Medicare Average Payment Table. Access this Medicare table online for a baseline for payment
Professional and all editions include the traditional hallmark features:
• Comprehensive code updates.
• APC status indicators and ASC designation symbols. Determine which codes are payable
under OPPS and which codes enable billing using ASC groupings, as well as how to accurately