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HIPAA Tool Kit - eBook — 2019



2019 HIPAA Tool Kit

Designed to help providers implement HIPAA rules and regulations, HIPAA Tool Kit is an ideal resource
for creating a new compliance program or conducting a compliance assessment. Includes customizable
policies and procedures for HIPAA privacy, security and transactions requirements, and a comprehensive
HIPAA encyclopedia covering topics such as the recent Breach Notification rules and risk assessment
reporting. Remember—you get our 170-page HIPAA Customizable Compliance Plan free when you
purchase the HIPAA Tool Kit.

Key Features and Benefits

 Optum360 Edge—HIPAA Handbooks for Clinicians and Office Staff. Ready-to-use, customizable handbooks
explain HIPAA privacy and security compliance. Includes 20-question exam.
 HIPAA auditing and risk assessment guides. Conduct the internal audits and risk assessments that CMS
expects to see and that the Office for Civil Rights is actively monitoring. Get these must-have customizable
policies, procedures, and worksheets to ensure your HIPAA program is effective and to show your due diligence
in meeting your obligation to monitor HIPAA compliance.
 Get our online (downloadable) 100-page HIPAA Customizable Compliance Plan, free, when you purchase
the HIPAA Tool Kit. Policies and procedures are ready to be customized and available in easy-to-use Microsoft
Word format.
 Comprehensive management policies and procedures. More than 60 pages of new customizable policies,
procedures, and forms. Includes our detailed Risk Assessment/Risk Analysis tool. Get customizable reports and
forms for the risk assessment that the Office for Civil Rights expects you to have in your records.
 Updated state breach laws. Get state-by-state details of local rules governing breach release of individuals’
protected health information.
 Policy and procedure development guidance templates. Over 200+ templates for privacy, security,
transaction policies, and forms that can be customized to expedite the development of policies. You get both print
and electronic formats.
 Also available as an eBook. Convenient for key word searching.
 Skills tests. Quantify your own, as well as your staff's, level of understanding of HIPAA topics.
 Security implementation guidance. Get the latest in security and submission rules, regulations, and strategies.
 Assessment and implementation guidance for each provision. Separate chapters focusing on issues specific
to that provision allow users to perform comprehensive and accurate assessments that lead to successful
 Customizable training materials. Get ready-to-use presentation content, plus talking points designed to make
complex HIPAA topics understandable to all.