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Home Health & Hospice Desk Ref: A Complete Guide to OASIS, HIS & Quality Mgmt - eBook — 2019



Home Health and Hospice Desk Reference (eBook)

This comprehensive eBook guide to OASIS and Hospice Information Set includes historical development, current utilization, management of data sets in PAC, CMS data utilization (VBP/IMPACT Act, PPS), role of data set for payment, role of coding in data sets, accurate use and assignment of data set items/item guidance, and data set resources and tools. Users will improve understanding of the data sets and their purpose, implementation, implications, role in payment, and accuracy for both home health and hospice

Features and benefits

  • Optum360 Edge — Documentation guidance provided. Understand what is required and necessary for reimbursement. Documentation tips included.
  • Understand payment methodologies. Review payments for Home Health and Hospice.
  • Identify role of coding in Home Health and Hospice. Helps professionals understand the role of coding ICD-10 in both disciplines. 
  • Completely updated for code set and regulatory changes.
  • Provides clarity in quality measures. Know the IMPACT Act and outcomes for post-acute care, planning necessary for quality, and the usage of data reports. 
  • Know what information is specific to OASIS and to HIS. Resources, guidance, and tools are provided.
  • History of OASIS and HIS Data Sets is included.