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ICD-10-CM Expert for Hospitals 2018 (Spiral)



ICD-10-CM Expert for Hospitals: with Guidelines Booklet (Spiral) - Out of Stock Order 2019 Version

The ICD-10-CM Expert for Hospitals: with Guidelines Booklet includes our hallmark features and format that make facing the challenge of accurate diagnosis coding easier. The hospital edition contains the complete ICD-10-CM code set, MCEs, and ICD-10 MS-DRG edits with symbols identifying codes for comorbidities/complications (CC), major comorbidities/complications (MCC), and principal diagnoses as their own CC/MCC. Supplementary appendixes available only in the expert edition include: 2018 deleted codes, POA coding and reporting tutorial; pharmacology listings of common drugs with therapeutic classes and indications; and code lists for CC, MCC and PDx CC/MCC. 
A booklet containing the Official Coding and Reporting Guidelines for 2018 will be shipped with your code book

 Features and benefits

• NEW – Optum360 Edge – Two Delivery Options. Choose to have your 2018 ICD-10-CM guidelines bound in the book or receive the guidelines as a separate booklet. Both delivery options include the complete, official 2018 ICD-10-CM code set.

• New — Optum360 Edge — Illustrations and definitions in the tabular. Assign codes with confidence based on illustrations and definitions designed to highlight key components of the disease process or injury. • Optum360 Edge — Intuitive features and format. Includes all of the Optum360 visual alerts, including our hallmark color-coding and symbols that identify coding notes and instructions, additional character requirements, Medicare Code Edits (MCEs), CCs, MCCs, principal diagnosis as its own CC/MCC, CC/MCC exclusions, HACs, and manifestation codes. 
• Optum360 Edge — Coding guideline explanations and examples. Detailed explanations and examples related to application of the ICD-10-CM chapter guidelines are provided at the beginning of each chapter in the tabular section. 
• Optum360 Edge — Muscle/tendon translation table. Use this table to determine muscle/tendon action (flexor, extensor, other) which is a component of codes for acquired conditions and injuries affecting the muscles and tendons. 
• Optum360 Edge — Placeholder X. This icon, designed and used exclusively by Optum360, alerts the coder to an ICD-10-CM convention — the use of a “placeholder X” for 3, 4, and 5 character codes requiring a 7th character extension