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ICD-10-CM Professional for Physicians - (Softbound) without guidelines-2021

Expected release date is 10th Sep 2020


2021 ICD-10-CM Professional for Physicians – Early Delivery

The ICD-10-CM Professional for Physicians, with Early Delivery, uses our hallmark features and format, making the challenge of accurate diagnosis coding easier. Developed specifically to meet the needs of physicians, the Optum360 codebook contains the complete ICD-10-CM code set, which is the cornerstone for establishing medical necessity, determining coverage, and ensuring appropriate reimbursement. Symbols in the tabular section identify codes associated with CMS quality payment program (QPP) measures and CMS hierarchical condition categories (HCC) used in risk adjustment (RA) coding. Guaranteed delivery before October 1, 2020. The timing of the CMS release of the Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting might not allow for early delivery. Therefore, this early delivery version might contain the 2020 guidelines. A booklet containing the Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting for 2021 will be shipped separately, if the 2021 guidelines are not available at the time this edition goes to press.

Key Features and Benefits 

 • Optum360 Edge — Intuitive features and format. Visual alerts, including color-coding and symbols that identify coding notes and instructions, additional character requirements, placeholder X, Medicare Code Edits (MCE), manifestation codes, HCCs, QPP, and unspecified codes.

• Updated coding tips. Coding tips are reviewed and updated, and assist in appropriate code selection.

• Clinical definitions. Clinical definitions help provide a better understanding of complex ICD-10-CM diagnostic terms.

• List of code changes and conversion table. A list of all 2021 new, revised, and deleted codes to identify at a glance code changes, plus an ICD-10-CM conversion table from the new and changed codes to the code previously used.

• Updated index with shaded guides. The updated Index to Diseases and Injuries includes vertical shaded guides that show the indent levels for subentries under main terms.

• Guidelines with coding examples. Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting including chapterspecific coding examples.

• Helpful illustrations. Detailed color anatomy illustration appendix. Plus many illustrations at the code level identifying specific code-related anatomy.

ICD-10-CM Professional for Physicians - (Softbound) without guidelines