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National Fee Analyzer — 2019



2019 National Fee Analyzer

National Fee Analyzer provides physician practices with three percentiles of charge data and the average
Medicare fee for fee schedule development, competitive analysis, and contracting purposes. This
comprehensive tool can help you estimate competitive fees and reimbursement for all areas of the country.
A comprehensive introduction explains issues to be aware of to optimize revenue when coding,
contracting, and evaluating and setting fee schedules.

Key Features and Benefits
• Charge information by CPT® code. Be prepared with current data when negotiating contracts with
insurance companies.
• Includes three percentiles of charge data. Use national 50th, 75th, and 90th percentile charge data
to discover revenue opportunities by comparing your fees to actual average charge data.
• Data from real-life claims from the FAIR Health database of over 1.2 billion charge records.
Develop and help maintain competitive fees while having defensible data during contract negotiations.
• Geographic conversion factors. Adjust national averages for specific geographic areas across the
country with one resource.
• National Medicare fees and relative values. Stay on top of your fees with national Medicare fee
schedule benchmarks.
• Values for the technical and professional components. See calculated percentiles for procedures
that have professional (26) and technical (TC) splits.
• Stay up-to-date on coding and reimbursement issues. Coding and billing tips for both commercial
and Medicare claims.