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Netter's Atlas of Surgical Anatomy for CPT coding, second edition



Netter's Atlas of Surgical Anatomy for CPT coding, second edition

Hundreds of beautifully rendered Frank Netter classic medical illustrations from the best-selling Atlas of Human Anatomy coupled with official CPT® codes and their unabbreviated procedural descriptions. Designed to provide a better understanding of anatomic structures described within CPT codes, this updated second edition provides readers a natural reference tool for reviewing clinical information and understanding the assignment of coding.

Key Features and Benefits
New—30 new plates with more than 500 illustrations have been added for better accuracy and understanding
New—Updated CPT 2009 code set integrated with Frank Netter illustrations throughout
CPT guidelines pertinent to particular plates, as well as a new appendix of section guidelines from the CPT 2009 codebook for easy reference
New—Common CPT abbreviations that most often appear in CPT code descriptions and guidelines, help you better understand operative reports containing acronyms
Expanded subject index
Each chapter opens with a brief introduction explaining the features of the particular anatomical region
Organized by anatomical region, proceeding from the head to lower extremities
Inclusion of a special symbol further ties this reference tool to the CPT codebook by indicating corresponding illustrations found in the CPT® Professional codebook