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Relative Values for Physicians — 2019



Relative Values for Physicians — 2019

Relative Values for Physicians is a complete relative value system established by national surveys of physicians in all specialties. With this tool you can establish, defend, and negotiate fees for medical and surgical procedures with the same relative values used by many insurance companies.
Key Features and Benefits

• Optum360 Edge—Relative values are based on the actual clinical work performed and are not influenced by Medicare budget issues. Feel confident and assured of a neutral relative value scale.
• Conversion factor benchmarks. An additional tool to help you start or update a relative value-based fee schedule.
• Relative value scale is based on physician survey data. Relative values developed with actual physician input.
• Relative values based on services that are similar. Fine tune your fee schedule with values scaled to the specific CPT® section.
• Easy, step-by-step instructions for practice management. Set your fees, analyze contracts, and perform cost, profitability, and productivity analyses.

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.